Transformers: Nemesis

Chapter 17: " The Last Stand "


  Ultra Magnus continues to blast away at the Sweeps as they continue to swarm out of the room that holds the mainframe of Unicron. The Autobots need to get into that room, in order to destroy Unicron once and for all. Ultra Magnus ducks and finds cover once more amongst his Autobot companions. Bumble Bee speaks…

“ Magnus, there’s to many of them. We can’t hold off much longer !! “

    Jazz peeks up and unleashes a barrage of fire before ducking back down behind cover. Jazz speaks,

“ The Sweeps ain’t gonna stop coming at us anytime soon. Magnus, if you got a plan, I’d like to hear it now. These guys are comin’ at us like there’s no tomorrow. Just how many of em’ are there anyways !!?? “

    Blaster steps up and takes one shot as he glances into the corridor. As he ducks back down, he speaks.

“ That’s it… it has to be. Magnus, the Sweeps seem to be replicating themselves much like the Insecticons used to do. If Megatron became Galvatron, it would not be too much of a guess to say that the Sweeps were at one point in time, Insecticons. Jazz is right. No matter how many we take out, they’re not going to stop coming anytime soon. We need a plan B. “

    Ultra Magnus thinks hard for a second before responding. The Sweeps are almost upon them. There has to be a way to get into that room. Ultra Magnus comes to his conclusion, as he pulls out a Missile from his shoulder. Magnus speaks.
“ Autobots, we need to unleash this missile directly into the mainframe. It should be powerful enough to take Unicron offline for good. Firing it from here, there stands a chance that it may not hit the mainframe inside. The Sweeps may even take the brunt of the blast. There’s no other way to do this… I’m going to drive it inside myself, right through these replicating monstrosities, and into Unicron’s black heart…”

    Bumble Bee responds first…

“ Magnus, no !! No way… we won’t let you do this. We’re in this together, to the end. There has to be another way…”

    Magnus looks to Jazz, Blur, and Blaster. They all look down. They know this is the only way. Magnus speaks…

“ Jazz, Blaster… you know what to do…”

    Magnus transforms as Jazz and Blaster hold Bumble Bee back. Jazz Speaks,

“ Come on Bee… Magnus is right. This is the only way. The rest of ya’s? Transform and roll out…”

    They all transform and turn to head out the way they came in. Bumble Bee reluctantly transforms, looking back at Magnus before looking over to Blur. Bumble Bee speaks…

“ … There was another way.. There had to be, I know it…”

“ ..You’re-right Bumble Bee.. there-is-another-way… “

    Before Blur finishes his sentence, he spins around and drives forward towards Ultra Magnus. Passing by him, he takes the missile off of Magnus shoulders with super speed and continues into the onslaught of the Sweeps. Magnus shouts…

“ Blur, what are you… Blur Nooooo !!! “

    Blur pays Ultra Magnus no heed as he continues into the room entrance way before meeting the Sweeps head on. Blur takes a massive amount of damage before coming to a stop right at the entrance. The Sweeps, there’s too many of them. They all fall on top of him, blocking the entrance. Blaster shouts to Ultra Magnus.

“ Magnus, we’ve got to go now !! Leave him… Blur can do it, I know he can…”

“ No..I… I can’t leave a Bot behind… he’s my responsibility.. I can’t…”

“ Magnus, now !!! “

    Ultra Magnus hears Blaster’s words, and turns around. He knows this is how it has to be. Blur must have thought he was expendable. Maybe he knew he was faster? In any scenario, Blur has made the ultimate sacrifice. Magnus transforms and follows the Autobots to the mouth to Unicron.

    Blur can feel his spark as it tries to leave him. He is badly injured, damaged most likely beyond repair. The Sweeps continue to tear into Blur. With his last ounce of energy, Blur looks up and sees the goal ahead of him. The mainframe. Blur revs his engines and shouts, one last time.

“ ..I…Will…Not…Fail !!! “

    Blur kicks his engine into overdrive as his wheels begin to grind and spin on the floor. Blur pushes into the room little by little. More Sweeps begin to pile on top of him, but he is not deterred. Slowly he pushes in until he is upon the mainframe. With one last ounce of effort, he reaches for the detonator switch on the missile, and smiles…

    Outside, Unicron ceases his onslaught upon the planet below him. His eyes grow wide as he utters his last words,

“ No…”

    Unicron roars aloud with a thunderous noise as the explosives go off within him. His eyes shatter as fire can be seen emanating out through them. Finally, Unicron explodes completely. Through the raging explosive fires comes Ultra Magnus and the Autobots, who made it out of Unicron’s mouth in time. The floating Autobots look out into space and notice they are not alone. Bumble Bee speaks,

“ Aw what now? Who are those giants?...”

The battle…

    Maximus Prime charges Armageddon and takes a swipe at him with his great sword. Armageddon meets the sword with his own, and attempts to strike at Maximus Prime with the lasers that shoot from his eyes. Maximus Prime ducks and punches Armageddon in the chest, sending him flying back.

    Vector Prime looks on and shouts to Nemesis Prime…

“ Nemesis Prime !! We have to help them, what are you waiting for !? “

    Nemesis Prime looks on at the place where Unicron once existed. Now, only pieces of Unicron float in that space. Nemesis Prime looks down and responds,

“ I.. I am a herald without a cause… my master has been destroyed…”

“ Nemesis Prime… you are now free to make your own decisions. Right now, there is a greater threat, and you need to make a decision. Override Unicron’s original programming and help us defeat these Horsemen, or leave us and risk battling them yourself in the future; should we fail here today. Regardless, the choice is yours, and it needs to be made now…”

    Nemesis Prime hears these words and draws his sword. He speaks.

“ Vector Prime, you are my sworn enemy… however, in my darkest hour, your words of wisdom ring true. You have given me cause, if temporary. I will help you and your companions. When this is all over, I will make my final decision on where I stand…”

    Meanwhile, Maximus Prime and Armageddon continue their epic battle. Maximus Prime opens his shoulders up and reveals two large cannons. They fire at Armageddon and hit him square in the chest with explosive force. Armageddon falls back, before responding with energy bolts from his fist as he unleashes them upon Maximus Prime. Maximus ceases his attack as he gets hit in the face. Armageddon takes advantage and charges Maximus, slamming him backwards. Armageddon continues to restrain Maximus, as he speaks…

“ So… Maximus Prime is it? You are powerful, we will give you that, but know that you are not powerful enough to defeat us this day !! “

“ Armageddon… you will fall this day, I promise. “

    Maximus Prime opens is arms back wide as he pushes Armageddon off of him. Wielding his Sword once more, Maximus charges Armageddon and attacks him. Armageddon meets him sword for sword. After an intense clash, Armageddon is caught with a slice to the chest. Armageddon covers his chest and raises his sword once more. Maximus Prime comes down upon Armageddon’s arm and slices it off at the elbow.

“ Arrrrgh !!! “

    Maximus Prime grabs Armageddon’s sword, and holds it to his throat. Maximus speaks.

“ It’s over Armageddon. You’ve lost…”

    Suddenly, Armageddon’s arm begins to regenerate. In its place, a new cannon appears. Armageddon speaks,

“ Yes… it is over… for you !!! “

    Maximus Prime attempts to get out of the way, but he is too late. Armageddon blasts away at Maximus Prime’s chest. As Maximus staggers back, Armageddon wastes no time. Grabbing the neck of the injured Maximus Prime, Armageddon points his new cannon at his face as he gloats…

“ Hmm.. what a pity. You were a mighty opponent. It appears we will never have the chance to know more about you. As it is, this ends now…”

    As he readies his finishing shot, Armageddon is blasted in the back. He drops Maximus and turns to see his new opponents. Vector and Nemesis Prime stand ready, blaster and sword in hand. Armageddon responds.

“ So, more lambs to the slaughter. Come at us with everything you’ve got, we will not be defeated by any children of Primus !!! “

“ I am not a child of Primus !!! “

    Nemesis Prime’s words are loud as he rushes Armageddon. As Armageddon clashes swords with Nemesis Prime, he turns and parries with Vector Prime. The two Primes take small cuts out of Armageddon’s hard shell, avoiding damage to themselves with their quick evasive maneuvers. Finally, Armageddon has had enough. He shoots the weapons of both adversaries from their hands with the energy beams from his eyes. Picking them up with each of his hands, he holds them before his eyes and begins to squeeze. They both let out screams as they are crushed. Armageddon laughs…

“ Ha Hahahaha !!! Scream all you want. Crushing the life out of you will be all that more enjoyable. What did you two hope to accomplish? Did you actually think you would be able to defeat us? Did you !!?? “

    Vector Prime struggles, until he is finally able to respond…

“ N..No.. Not.. Defeat… Ugh.. Dis.. Distract !!! “

    Armageddon’s eyes grow wide. Suddenly, with no warning; Armageddon drops the two Primes as he looks down at his chest…

“ Ack !! Urgk… “

    A blue light is seen emanating from his chest before it pushes itself outwards, right through Armageddon’s chest. The blue Energon sword pierces all the way though, as Armageddon clenches the sword from his chest. Behind the stunned dark giant, Maximus Prime speaks.

“ You shouldn’t have turned your back on me. Now… it’s over. “

    Maximus Prime removes his sword from Armageddon, as the dark giant clutches the gaping hole in his chest. Armageddon’s eyes begin to glow as he lets out a loud shout. Soon, golden energies engulf him and there is a loud explosive flash of blinding light.

“ Boooommm !!! “

    When the light diminishes, the Four Horsemen can be seen, floating in Armageddon’s space. They are badly damaged. Bastion speaks…

“ My brothers.. we.. we have failed. Our Father comes for us now…”

    Maximus Prime stands over the defeated Horsemen. Vector and Nemesis Prime recover themselves, and stand beside Maximus. Then, before another word can be said, the space in front of them begins to warp. Flashes of energy seem to come from out of nowhere. Then, there is an explosion. The blast knocks everybody backwards. When they come to, they look up and realize that the threat is far from over…

NEMESIS has arrived !!!

Chapter 18: " Finale "


  Primus remains chained by his older brother’s confinements. He has had time to heal enough of his functions since he was assaulted by Unicron’s Dark Matrix. He looks around and does not know where he is. It is a vast and dark empty part of space. As he searches his surroundings, he senses he is not alone. Primus speaks.

“ Show yourself. “

    The visitor removes his cloaking device and reveals himself. Primus knows who he is, and he is not happy to see him. Primus speaks.

“ I destroyed you. What do you want here and now? “

“ Yes.. you sent me to a dark place, leaving me to be destroyed.. but I was not. I survived, hell-bent on vengeance with you. Now that I have the opportunity… I find I cannot proceed. I felt him leave this plane of existence. Unicron, your own brother… he has been destroyed, most likely by your children. Without his life essence, I fear I am once again tied to your own fate. “

    Primus struggles to free himself before responding.

“ You speak in riddles !! Tell me what you’re purpose is… “

“ It is simple. I have been watching you, tracking you since you’ve been awakened. I followed your energy trace to this place. I remained concealed, but perhaps I was not noticed because I share the same energy signature as you.  Nemesis, your older brother… I heard what he plans to do with your children. I heard how he plans to destroy them all, in hopes of returning all of their sparks to you; bringing you back to full power. I cannot have that. I am, after all; still one of your children. “

    Primus looks down and speaks.

“ There is nothing I can do. His restraints are too powerful; I cannot remove myself from this place in time to help my children. “

“ Oh? Well perhaps I may be of some assistance. I wonder how well the restraints will work when I destroy the device that controls them…”

    The visitor blasts away at the control deck nearby. Suddenly, there is an explosion. Primus is released and the space around him lowers its holographic imaging, revealing their true whereabouts. Primus knows where he is, and he is stunned. It has been a great deal of time since he was last here. After taking it all in, Primus turns to his would be savior, and speaks.

“ So… it appears we have work to do; together. Should I call you by your first name, or do you still prefer you’re second? “

“ Primus, though I was one of you’re original thirteen sons; I still refuse to call you Father. For now, I remain… The Fallen… “

Above Earth orbit…

    Nemesis stands there in his might and glory. The behemoth surveys his surroundings and is not pleased. He looks on to his Four Horsemen, and picks them up into his hand. Lifting his hand in front of his face, he looks on to his heralds, and speaks.

“ You have failed me my Horsemen. You have failed me… for the last time. “

    Bastion pleads with his creator.

“ Father, please. We were overwhelmed by Primus’s finest warriors. They were too strong; united together. We are only four of us Father… “

“ No… you are too weak. I should have created heralds with more of my power. As it is now, I will not be making that mistake twice. You are finished. You’re Sparks will be returned to me so that I can remake another set of warriors. These new Horsemen will be more powerful than you ever were. Then, I will renew my campaign with my brothers in this universe, and we will succeed.  Now come my children, and receive your fate. “

    Nemesis holds the Four Horsemen in his hand and closes it over them. As they scream in terror, Nemesis clenches his fist tight until they scream no more. He opens his fist and reveals… nothing.

    Nemesis then turns his attention over to the floating debris that was once Unicron. Picking up traces of the debris in his fingers, he closes his eyes before letting out a loud scream.

“ Yeeaaaaaarrrrrrgghhhhhh !!!! “

    Nemesis gathers himself and lets the debris slip through his fingers. Nemesis speaks.

“ I was too late Unicron. Your age old battle with your twin has finally reached it’s peak. Your death will be avenged little brother. I will wipe these creatures from existence, and save Primus in the process. “

    Finally, Nemesis eyes glow red and he turns his attention to Maximus Prime. Vector and Nemesis Prime stand ready beside him. Nemesis clenches his fist as they begin to emanate with golden energy. Nemesis speaks.

“ So. You are the champions of Primus? I sense great power within you. It is true… you bested my own champions. Truly, you have a great deal of Primus’s power flowing through you. Killing you first will kick-off my plan to restore Primus to his true self. Do not fight me. It will only delay the inevitable. “

    Maximus Prime clenches his own fist as he readies himself for battle. Maximus speaks.

“ Nemesis. If you truly are the brother of Primus, then you are right. We really don’t have a chance of defeating you in combat. But you should know, we won’t go down that easily. We are Cybertronian. We fight, until the end.. ‘till all are one !!! “

“ Such bravery Cybertronian… such foolish bravery. Before you die, wouldn’t you at least like to know why it is that you must perish? “

“ I already know why you do what you do… Like Unicron, you are evil, right down to the spark…”

“ Evil? No Cybertronian. Primus and his twin, Unicron are the opposites of one another; the light and the dark – good and evil. Myself on the other hand, I was there from the beginning. I am above such emotion. I am neither, and yet I am both. What I do now, I do for the sake of my brother Primus, you must believe this. “

“ Regardless of your motive Nemesis, genocide is evil period. I won’t stand by idle while you destroy my fellow Cybertronians. We will find a way…”

    Maximus Prime opens his chest and reveals a unified Matrix within himself. He takes it out and looks up to Nemesis, before speaking…

“ Now… light our darkest hour !!! “

    Maximus Prime attempts to open the matrix, but it does not respond. Nemesis speaks,

“ Attempting to use the Matrix against me like you did against Unicron? I’m sorry for your efforts… but that will not work against me. You see, Primus and Unicron are twins. Because of their opposing nature, the light could destroy the darkness, and the darkness could destroy the light. As I stated earlier, I am above good and evil…”

    Ultra Magnus arrives with Bumble Bee, Blaster, and Jazz, as they use their rocket pro-pulsars to stand beside Maximus, Vector, and Nemesis Prime. Bumble Bee speaks.

“ I don’t know who the three of you are, but clearly you’re on our side against the big guy here. We’re ready when you are…”

    Maximus Prime overlooks his comrades and then looks up to Nemesis, before speaking.

“ Nemesis… maybe the matrix won’t work for us.. but united together, we always stand a chance !! “

“ Primus alone could not defeat me. With Unicron, together, they may have stood a chance. As it is, that could never happen. If not for their own hate for each other, you have already destroyed Unicron, thus sealing your own fate. This small remnant of warriors is hardly enough to stand against me…”

    Nemesis words ring loud and true. Maximus Prime does not waver. Then, there is a light. One ship comes out of hyperspace. Then another. Soon, there is an entire armada of ships that come out of hyperspace. A message can be heard from blaster’s radio…

“ Blaster !! It’s Cliffjumper. Mirage and I, We got your message earlier. I’ve brought the rest of the Autobots, and as many displaced Cybertronians as possible. We’ve come to help battle Unicron and the Decepticons… O.k, who’s that guy there? He screams bad guy all over him… “

    Blaster responds.

“ Cliffjumper, Mirage !! I was wondering if that message was gonna get through. Unicron is defeated, but you didn’t miss all the fun. This guy here wants to wipe us all out. It doesn’t look like it’s gonna go down all to well either… brace yourselves. This guy just crushed the Four Horsemen…”

    Maximus Prime speaks.

“ Perhaps, Nemesis… you will not fare as well against an entire Cybertron united !!! “

“ Very well. It is a battle you desire… It is a battle you shall have. “

    As Nemesis finishes his words, he turns and disappears. As soon as he vanishes, he reappears behind one of the many ships and smashes it with explosive power. The dying Cybertronians never had a chance. Nemesis turns and unleashes laser beams from his eyes as he continues his onslaught of destruction against the armada of ships.

“ Nooooo !!! “

    Maximus Prime shouts, as he charges, energy sword in hand. He blast away at the giant that is Nemesis, but seemingly to no affect. Cliffjumper and Mirage take command of their ships as they take evasive maneuvers. Many Ships blast away at Nemesis, but his armor seems impenetrable. Vector Prime looks on at the battle that unfolds and utters words that only he himself can hear…

“ We… We cannot win….”


On the streets of San Francisco; Arcee looks up at the battle that spreads out in the night time skies above. Nearby, Menasor and Devastator continue to pummel Defensor, as he finally falls to the two Deception giants. Arcee runs to them and shouts,

“ Stop !! Stop it !! Look up to the skies, don’t you see what’s happening !!?? This Autobot and Decepticon war is meaningless at the moment. All of your fellow Cybertronians are fighting for their lives up there… for ALL of our lives. Stop fighting each other for once and pay attention to what’s going on around you. Get up there and fight the true enemy while we still have a chance !! “

    Devastator and Menasor look at each other, as they drop Defensor. Menasor speaks.

“ Autobot.. give us one good reason why we shouldn’t crush you right here and now… “

“ Because she’s right of course…”

Shockwave gathers himself after awakening from his battle with Grimlock. He walks over to Arcee, and continues…

“ The beast above will most likely not stop until he has destroyed us all. We need to gather our forces.. together. “

    Defensor struggles, but finally stands. After waking up from his battle with Grimlock, Soundwave drags himself over to them as well. Shockwave looks at all of them and speaks.

“ It is decided then. Menasor, Devastator… take us up there, now…”

    The three Combiners pick up the three Cybertronians, and take to the skies to join in the battle above.

    Finally, Maximus Prime continues to search out a weak spot in Nemesis armor, as  the dark Giant continues to pummel the Cybertronian Armada. Nemesis seems to not even notice Prime’s attacks. Cliffjumper shouts his orders aboard his ship.

“ Full power to the front cannons, I want everything we got coming outta’ those barrels. Focus at the head of the Giant !! “

    Vector Prime slashes away at Nemesis, but to no avail. Nemesis Prime also attempts melee attacks, but it is also for naught. Finally, as Nemesis Prime continues his attacks, Vector Prime gets an idea. He shouts to his comrade in the midst of battle.

“ Nemesis Prime !! We won’t defeat him that way.. but I think I know how we can…”

“ You do? You heard what he said, and whatever we’re doing now isn’t even leaving a dent. Whatever you got up your sleeve, use it now. How do we defeat him ? “

“ … It’s you Nemesis Prime…”

    Nemesis Prime looks up stunned and confused.

“ What ?! “

“ We need the combined power of Primus and Unicron. Within Maximus Prime and myself, Primus’s power is available. Though Unicron was destroyed, you still house the last essence of his dark power. Using this power together with Maximus Prime’s Matrix, we may just stand a chance. “

“ … Vector Prime, what you propose sounds logical.. but can it be done? We have opposing power… power that wasn’t designed to be used together. If I merge my power with Maximus Prime, there’s no telling what the outcome might be. We may very well destroy each other !! “

“ If we don’t act, we may destroy ourselves regardless. It is a gambit we must attempt Nemesis Prime…”

    Nemesis Prime looks down, and then at Nemesis. Clenching his fist, he speaks.

“ Very well Vector Prime. I have nothing to lose either way. Call out to Maximus and let us see if this plan of yours works. “

    Vector Prime makes his way to Maximus Prime and shouts to him.

“ Maximus !! The Matrix… use it again !! “

    Maximus looks back at Vector Prime and responds.

“ I can’t ! It won’t open !! “

“ Just do it, it will work this time.. It must. I have a plan… “

    Maximus Prime looks at Nemesis who continues his onslaught. Nothing they have done has hurt Nemesis thus far. Maximus opens his chest, and removes the Matrix again. Nemesis Prime stands beside Maximus Prime, and does the same. Together, they speak.

“ Now, light our darkest hour !!! “

" Now... Envelop the light with your dark power !!! "

    Both of the Matrix’s begin to open. Powerful energy begins to emerge from with each matrix. Finally, both Primes are engulfed in a backlash of destructive energies as Vector Prime is knocked back from the backlash. Vector Prime looks back up at them and realizes his worst fears. The opposing energies are beginning to destroy the both of them. They couldn’t focus their attack on Nemesis. Vector Prime’s plan has failed… or has it?

    The two Primes let out a primal scream before the Matrix energies
overtake them completely. Then, they open their eyes and look to Nemesis. Suddenly, the energies of the Matrix’s begin to flow back into their respective cores until both Matrixes become one. Pulling at each end, both Primes unleash this new power directly at Nemesis, who notices this sudden appearance of new power.. too late…

“ Aaaarrrrrrrrgh !!!! “

    The blast hits Nemesis in the back. Nemesis feels something he has never felt before. Nemesis… feels pain. The new Matrix continues it’s assault against Nemesis as he is soon engulfed in the power of this new Matrix. Vector Prime Shouts.

“ It’s working, he’s hurt !! Keep pouring it on him !! Cybertronians, full frontal assault, pour it on !!

    The surviving united Cybertronians unleash a full frontal assault on the wavering Nemesis. Autobot stands side by side with Decepticon. Maximus Prime and Nemesis Prime give it all they’ve got. So does everybody else. Finally, Nemesis armor begins to crack as his energies begin to leave him. As he shouts aloud, he cowers in pain, as he struggles to deal with this new sensation for the first time. Finally, the Matrix releases the last of its destructive energies, and closes.

 Maximus and Nemesis Prime hover above Nemesis as their respective Matrixes form back into two. The firepower of the Armada has used up the last of its reserves. Everybody waits and watches as the searing smoke gives way to a badly damaged Nemesis; sparks flying off of his entire body. Finally, Nemesis looks up and his eyes begin to glow red. Nemesis speaks…

“ Unh.. that.. is that what pain feels like? You hurt me. I underestimated you. United against me, you almost defeated me, but… that was not enough… I still function !!! “

    Nemesis struggles, but finally stands before the united warriors. To the dismay of the stunned Cybertronians, Nemesis fist begin to cackle with energy, his eyes do the same. Nemesis speaks…

“ A valiant effort, I applaud you’re efforts. But it was not enough to avert your destiny at my hands. I will succeed, and Primus will be restored. So swears Nemesis !!! “

    Maximus Prime looks to his comrades. This is it he thinks. They’ve tried everything. They gave everything they had… and they failed. Maximus Prime speaks.

“ Autobots… Decepticons and all of Cybertron. It… It was an honor to fight side by side with you this day. Together now, Till’ all are one !!! “

    Maximus Prime shouts as he leads one last charge towards Nemesis. Every available warrior and ship follows suit. The inevitable clash would surely have been the end of them, if not for a divine intervention.

    Suddenly, and without warning, the Cybertronian charge is halted. They seem to pause in their motion, as if time itself has stopped. Just before Nemesis, a portal opens up. Stepping through it comes The Fallen, one of Primus’s first creations. Nemesis looks down to him and speaks.

“ You? You have done this ? “

“ What, stop this exciting moment in time? No. Not me. Him… “

    Nemesis is struck from behind. As he turns around, he comes face to face with the one he thought imprisoned. Primus has arrived. Nemesis looks up and speaks.

“ Primus ? Wha… How? “

“ It matters not how I am here, but that I am. You have threatened to destroy all that I have created, and I will not stand by and watch you succeed. “

    Primus attacks the weakened Nemesis and begins to pummel him with his fist. Nemesis is caught off guard, and cannot defend himself in his weakened state. Finally, Primus pauses as he raises his energy filled fist, and readies the final fatal blow.

“ My children have done all that they could, and it is enough. Without their assault on you, I would not have been able to stop you. Do you see their value now Nemesis? You sought to destroy that which you did not understand. You underestimated their spark, and now you have fallen. My brother… it does not have to end this way today… “

“ Ack..cough… Pr..Primus. What do you seek from me? You realize I did all of this just for you, to restore you to your former glory. I would have united us, all three of us. Now, Unicron has been destroyed…”

“ Unicron has brought his fate upon himself. “

“ … Very well then Primus. You have won your battle… I cannot defeat you in my current state. Know that I had no malicious intent for your children… only concern for the welfare of my brothers. I say it again.. What do you seek from me now? “
Primus looks at all of the suspended Cybertronians, frozen in a moment in time. Primus looks back to Nemesis and responds.

“ My children… leave them alone. Never come against them again. They have earned their existence, have they not ? “

    Nemesis peers over the suspended warriors himself before responding.

“ Yes… yes they have. Primus, you will have your wish. I give you my word. “

“ Very well Nemesis. I know, in your twisted head, that you sought to destroy them on my behalf. Go… and I hope that somehow, down the line, you have been changed, taken something from this whole affair. You think me weak because I have spread my power out over my creation. Instead, think to yourself. Did I lose my power, or did I gain a greater power altogether?

    Nemesis ponders his brother’s thoughts before responding.

“ Primus.. your words of wisdom ring true. In the beginning, it was the thought of being alone that fueled me. Now, I realize how far from alone you truly are. I envy you Primus. I envy you, and I shame myself…”

    Nemesis opens a portal. He gets up and looks back at Primus. Nemesis speaks.

“ Primus… when next we meet, may it be under different circumstances…”

    Primus watches as his brother leaves and vanishes behind the closing portal. The Fallen watches and speaks.

“ Primus… why did you let him live? “

“ Because… I am not Unicron. Perhaps, instead of unleashing a greater threat upon the universe, we have unleashed a greater good. Only time will tell. “

    The Fallen looks over the suspended Cybertronians. He speaks.

“ And them? Will you reveal yourself to them now ? “

“ … No. The time is not right, nor is it necessary. For now, I return to my orbit, and transform into Cybertron once more. Fallen. You released me in time to come and save my children, and for that, I am grateful. However, I know you only did it for your own sake…”

    Primus grabs The Fallen by the neck and speaks to him.

“ Do not cause me to awaken again and deal with you understood? My mercy only goes so far…”

    Primus releases The Fallen and opens a portal. The Fallen speaks.

“ … Do not worry about me Primus. I serve Unicron no longer. My road to redemption begins anew. When you next see me… things will be different. “

    Primus leaves and the portal closes behind him. The Fallen finishes his sentence.

“ Things will be different… for BOTH of us… “

    And with that, the Fallen grabs the suspended Nemesis Prime and takes his leave. Slowly, the space-time continuum falls back into normal pace. When Maximus Prime and the rest of the Cybertronians come to, Nemesis… is gone.  Vector Prime also notices that Nemesis Prime is missing. As they pause to take in all that has happened, they are only left to ponder what has become of Nemesis. Maximus Prime looks to Vector Prime. He speaks.

“ Something.. Happened here didn’t it. I can still feel a presence. He was here wasn’t he? He fought on our behalf…”

    Vector Prime looks outwards and then back at Maximus Prime. He allows a smile to come across his face before he responds.

“ Yes… He was here. I felt his traces as well. For whatever reasons, he has chosen not to reveal himself. Maximus Prime… respect his wishes and keep this wisdom for yourself. I suspect, that when next you return to your home orbit… Cybertron will be there waiting for you. “

    Maximus places his hand over Vector Primes shoulder and speaks.

“ Thank you, for everything. The orb… will you be needing it back? “

“ No Maximus. I no longer have a use for it. But you two.. I’m sure you’ll find a use for it time and again. Farewell…”

“ Your leaving? Where will you go? “

“ Nemesis Prime. I must find him. Things between me and him are.. unsettled. I must know what has become of him. Till we meet again…”

    Vector Prime opens his portal up and vanishes behind it. Maximus Prime turns his attention back towards the rest of the confused Cybertronians. As they look at him, there is only one thing that comes to his mind to say.

“ ‘Till all are one… “

Chapter 19: " Picking up the Pieces "


  Maximus Prime touches down in the streets of San Francisco. He surveys all of the massive destruction that has come to this place. It was their war he thinks to himself. How many times will it cost the people of this world their lives? Soon, the rest of the Autobots touch down beside him. Maximus Prime can see it in their eyes. They have many questions. Maximus Prime takes care of the first question immediately. He opens up his chest compartment and reaches in, pulling out the Matrix. As Maximus Prime pulls it apart, he is engulfed in a bright light. When the smoke clears, Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime stand before them; each wielding his own Matrix. They put both Matrix’s away as Ultra Magnus speaks…

“ Optimus? Rodimus? What is going on here… What just happened up there? “

    Optimus responds.

“ Magnus… I realize much has happened, and there are many questions. The time for answers will come soon. For now, there are many others who need our help. Look around you… we brought this war to them, and they have suffered greatly for it. As many of you as possible, get into this city and find the survivors. Cybertron must atone for the sins we have brought this planet, and that starts now… “

    Magnus looks up and stares at the damage around him. He turns to the Autobots behind him and speaks.

“ Well? What are we waiting for? Autobots, transform and roll out !! “

    As the Autobots enter the city, Cliffjumper and Mirage approach Optimus Prime. Mirage speaks.

“ Optimus… there are many Cybertronian ships in Earths atmosphere. They have nowhere to go. What do we tell them? “

“ Tell them… Tell them to return to Cybertron. “

“ Cybertron? But.. it’s not there, we saw it with our own eyes… “

“ Trust me Mirage… it’s still there, and it’s safe. Go there. After we do as much as possible here, we will meet you there. I’ll send Ultra Magnus with you. He will take charge until Rodimus and I are done here. “

    Mirage and Cliffjumper look at each other, and simply shrug their shoulders, before taking off. Rodimus looks to Optimus and speaks.

“ Optimus… there’s something you should know. It’s Springer. He.. He’s dead. Galvatron killed him. We’ve lost so many…”

“ I know Rodimus. In all my years I’ve never seen devastation on this level. Losing your comrades never gets any easier. I know you and Springer were close. I’m sorry for your loss. However, if there was anything that got me through the difficult times, it was the people still alive, and those closest to me. Their counsel and friendship is what kept me going. It is what will keep you going as well. “

    Optimus looks over Rodimus shoulder and speaks.

“ In fact, you won’t have to look to hard to find it . It’s right in front of you. It always has been. “

    Rodimus Prime turns around and comes to the attention of Arcee, who stands from afar, quietly waiting. Optimus speaks.

“ Go to her Rodimus. If you heed any advice from me this day, this is it. Go to her, and remember that no matter what conflicts we come into in our lifetime, it’s the anchor that always keeps us moving forward. She can be your anchor Rodimus.. If you let her…”

    Rodimus stares at her and speaks.

“ I… I know Optimus. I think I’ve always known. Thank you… “

    Rodimus walks to Arcee. As he stands before her, she speaks.

“ Rodimus… I thought this was it.. I thought it was the end. I thought I’d never see you again. “

“ Do you know what went through my mind Arcee ? It was you. The fact that you would never really know how I felt about you. My thoughts were about you, and making sure I got the opportunity to let you know just how I felt. “

    Rodimus doesn’t waste another moment. He takes Arcee into his arms, and in the midst of the devastation around them, they embrace – A signal of hope that not all is lost. Their will always be a hope to live for, no matter who comes to destroy that hope.

    Optimus turns and looks at the collapsed building that Megatron and Grimlock went into. It appears their battle was immense, but if there was anybody else who could stand up to Megatron himself, it was Grimlock. Optimus Prime sifts to the rubble desperate to find his friend. He finally turns a piece of debris over and finds him… but he is no longer functioning. Optimus pulls Grimlock’s upper torso from the rubble, and falls to the floor. He closes his eyes and speaks to himself.

    “ Grimlock, my comrade…my friend. It was an honor to serve by your side. As the bravest warrior I knew, your death will not go un-avenged… “

“ It appears Grimlock avenged himself Prime…”

    Optimus hears the voice behind him and turns around. He comes to the attention of Shockwave, who stands with the Decepticons behind him. Shockwave pulls out more remains. It is Megatron, and he is also dead. Shockwave continues.

“ It appears there was a devastating close range blast. They killed each other… “

    Optimus is surrounded by Decepticons. He stands and speaks.

“ Shockwave. Now is not the time for this. Nevertheless, if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight I’ll gladly give you… “

“ Relax Prime. I didn’t come to you for that. Megatron is dead. Galvatron, most likely the same. The Decepticons have also suffered great losses. In fighting together up there against that dark giant, I found new direction. I came to tell you that the Decepticons are calling for a temporary truce. As the new leader of the Decepticons, I plan to bring us back to our original focus… uniting Cybertronians together. Megatron brought us into battle several times, but it was always about domination and conquest. Now that he’s gone, I plan to take up the original plan, with or without you…”

“ Shockwave… I don’t trust you, and I never will. But if it’s a ceasefire you’re calling now, I’m going to accept it under the given circumstances. If you plan to unite Cybertron, I won’t trust you to do it alone. Ultra Magnus will be taking a crew there shortly. If you’re serious, then you will allow Magnus and his Autobot crew to accompany you to Cybertron until I get there…”

“ But of course Prime. As I said.. the Decepticons are going in a new direction…”

    Shockwave turns and leaves. The Decepticons follow. Optimus Prime knows Shockwave better than he thinks. He’ll have to keep closer tabs on him, until he finds out what the Decepticons are really up to.

    Optimus heads into the city himself. Ultra Magnus is informed of his mission to Cybertron, as well as Shockwave’s claims of peace. Bumble Bee tells him of Blurs sacrifice inside Unicron, as well as Superion’s sacrifice. All this, as well as Jetfire; who is still unaccounted for. It is not the first time he has gone missing. It remains a mystery for another time.

    Ultra Magnus and Shockwave each take their respective crews, and head to Cybertron. Mirage and Cliffjumper lead the rest of the Cybertronian armada towards their home world as well. Optimus and Rodimus remain with a small crew as they attempt to salvage the city and look for more survivors, helping in any way they can. They see the look on the faces of those they attempt to help. They fear the giant robots, and they should. Optimus begins to wonder if there is anything they can do to salvage their relationship with the humans of Earth.

    Suddenly, the ash in the sky gives way. A fiery mass comes hurtling down towards them. It finally lands in the nearby waters of the bay. Rodimus Prime is the first one on the scene. Out of the waters comes a familiar face, and he is visibly weak and shaken. Rodimus runs to his side as he helps him up. Rodimus speaks…

“ Wreck-Gar !!?? What is it friend? What’s happened on Junkion to bring you all the way out here ??? “

    Wreck-Gar lifts his head up and responds.

“ Rodimus Prime? I.. I made it, finally. I’ve been searching for you.. searching for a long time…”

“ Wreck-Gar? What happened to your television speech patterns? “

“ I programmed myself to pick up regular Cybertronian speech patterns while my ship went in search of you. I had to pick up any radio transmissions that might lead me to you, so I had to learn quickly. I intercepted Blaster’s communication signal, and I made it here. You have to help us.. they came without warning and took my fellow Junkions. They enslaved them, made them do terrible things. I couldn’t help them.. I was not strong enough…”

“ Easy there friend. Wreck-Gar, tell me.. who did this? “

“ They call themselves.. The Quintessons… “

    Rodimus looks up at Optimus. The Quintessons, he thinks to himself.  How do they fit into all of this, and what would they want with the Junkions? Rodimus speaks.

“ Optimus… Wreck-Gar is a good friend of the Autobots. We need to help him, especially if the Quintessons are involved…”

“ Agreed. As much as I’d like to stay here and help the Humans of Earth, something tells me we aren’t welcome here anymore. “

    Bumble Bee speaks.

“ No rest for the weary eh Optimus? What’s the plan? “

“ The Plan? It’s the same plan we’ve always had. Someone needs protection, and the Autobots are going to protect. “

    Optimus looks at Rodimus as he nods his head. Together, they shout as one…

“ Autobots !!! Transform and roll out… “