Transformers: Nemesis

Chapter 5: " The War Within "


Somewhere in space...

He has been searching alone, for days.. weeks, aboard his starship. It was not long ago, that Optimus Prime released the Matrix's energy, as it washed over his "Hate Plague" infected body... body and soul. The madness that had consumed him has since been destroyed... only to be replaced by a new madness. The voice in his head. It speaks to him. He feels the constant struggle for control of his body, as he wars within his very own mind. It is the very reason he has sought out the one who may be able to restore his sanity. His name is Galvatron... but it wasn't always his name. Megatron. He was destroyed.. a shell of his former self, reformatted by the mighty Unicron. It is Unicron he seeks out now, his only hope to be whole once more. In his thoughts, the voice haunts him once more...

" Galvatron... why do you keep fighting me? You will not escape me... I will not be denied !!! "

" You again... get out of my head !!! I am Galvatron, no one threatens me and lives. I will find you, whoever you are, and I will make you pay for this invasion !!! "

" Whoever I am? Come now Galvatron... you already know who I am..."

Galvatron decides to ignore the voice for now, as his ship comes upon his destination. The head of Unicron, has finally been located. He docks and boards the sleeping giant, and continues to think to himself. What has happened to himself since the " Hate Plague" incident? What has Prime done to him? The matrix was supposed to " cure" him, but instead, he has been driven even more insane by the voice that haunts his soul. He ponders even deeper... Had the Matrix cured Galvatron on a deeper level? What does it mean to be cured of Unicron's reformatting? He focuses once more upon reaching the core of Unicron's head. He can see the neural processors, and notices that someone has been working on them. Galvatron draws his cannon, as he realizes that he is not alone...

" Come out of the shadows... I know you are there.. show yourself. "

" Come now old friend. Is that any way to treat an old comrade?..."

The Familiar face steps out of the shadows, and reveals himself to his former comrade. Galvatron looks him over and points his cannon at him and speaks..."

" Starscream. I've killed you before, and I'll do it again... Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blast you into oblivion right here and now..."

Starscream doesn't budge as Galvatron makes his threats. Instead, he steps closer and smiles with confidence before responding.

" You won't kill me dear old Galvatron. You see, I know why you're here. We want the same thing, and only I can help you achieve your goal..."

" Oh? Tell me Starscream, what are you doing here, out here in the vastness of space... what have you been doing here !? "

" Galvatron, isn't it obvious? I noticed you looking over Unicron’s neural connectors earlier. You know that It was me, who's been trying to get Unicron back online. Ever since you and the wretched Autobots sent Unicron and myself screaming into space, I have been trying to awaken the sleeping giant, so that together, we might avenge ourselves. When Unicron made my new body, i was content. But now I realize that he made you stronger, and if he could do that for you... he could do it for me..."

Galvatron looks at Starscream once more, before lowering his cannon, laughing...

" Ha...Hahahaha !!! Starscream you fool !! Last time Unicron saw you, you had betrayed him. What makes you think he would help the likes of you? "

Starscream steps even closer before rashly responding.

" Shut up Galvatron !! If memory serves me, I believe it was not long ago that you had betrayed him as well. I didn’t see you trying to help him as the Autobots successfully destroyed his neural connectors..."

Galvatron Knocks Starscream to the ground, and hovers over his head with his cannon. Galvatron speaks.

" Careful Starscream. The next words that come out of your mouth may be your last... Tell me, why would the mighty Galvatron even need help from someone as pitiful as you? "

Starscream raises himself up from the ground, with Galvatron still raising his Cannon to his head. Starscream responds.

" Because oh high and mighty Galvatron... it is I who has repaired Unicron’s neural connectors. All that is needed is a new Power Source... something that will help to kick start his resuscitation if you will. And when I find that power source... because of the work I’ve done, only I can make it work..."

Galvatron lowers his weapon and Looks over Starscream once more before speaking.

" Then today Starscream, you are in luck. Not only do you get to live... but you also get to attempt to keep your word. You see... I've brought with me the power source you may speak of. I carry Energon onboard my starship. A great amount. Perhaps this power source is sufficient to do what you say you can do...."

Galvatron gets up close to Starscream’s face and raises his voice to him.

" Come, get on my ship and bring the Energon here. Restore Unicron. If you fail me and waste my precious Energon, I will surely destroy you for good. You will NOT be coming back..."

Starscream follows Galvatron to the ship hastily, and with no response. Together they begin their work. Time passes as they feed the Mainframe of Unicron with Energon. Soon, the neural connectors begin to spark. Life Begins to flow once more through the sleeping Giant.

Unicron is once more.

Galvatron and Starscream stand there in awe... and fear. Fear, because they both know that Unicron may desire vengeance upon their heads, for each of their betrayals. They know that only their intelligence and cunning can keep them alive. It is the gambit they have played. Unicron Finally utters his first words...

" Who has awakened me ? Who has delivered Unicron from the grasp of oblivion? Step forward, and be rewarded..."

Starscream is the first to speak, and hastily does so.

" It was me Unicron, it was me !!! I repaired your neural connectors, I brought you back, not this betrayer here next to me. Reward me !! I demand a new and powerful body; so as to enact vengeance upon my enemies. A new body, just like you once made Megatron here into Galvatron. I demand a new body !!! "

Unicron Roars in anger before responding to Starscream’s demands.

" You dare !!?? You dare make this demand of Unicron !!?? Unicron shows mercy as he sees fit. No one makes demands of Unicron. !!

Starscream cowers in fear, awaiting destruction at the hands of Unicron... but it does not come. Instead, Unicron speaks once more, this time more calmly.

" Starscream. Unicron is not above pride, but I am also not below wrath. You will not be given a new body. You will live Starscream. you will live and keep your current body. That is your reward. Be content that I've chosen to to kill you yet. "

Galvatron has heard enough, He speaks to his former master, using far more cunning than Starscream has. His cunning. It is why he has ruled the Decepticons this long. Galvatron speaks.

" Oh high and mighty Unicron. It is I, Galvatron.. your former herald and servant. Yes, it is true. I have betrayed my master. But that was a long time ago. I have learned from my transgressions, and humbly come back to you now, asking for a second opportunity to show thee favor. You see, It was I that brought you back online. Without the Energon that i brought to you, we would not be having this conversation today. Oh high and mighty your servant mercy this day..."

Unicron pauses for what seems like an eternity before finally responding to Galvatron’s words...

" Galvatron. Do not mistake me for a fool. Do not waste my time with your false words of humbleness. Speak boldly now and claim your reward. What is it that you request of Unicron ? "

" Mighty Unicron.. I wish to be cured of the madness that has befallen me. Your enemies, the Autobots.. the wretched Matrix of power that destroyed your body.. it has now destroyed my mind. Make me whole again, I beg of you..."

Galvatron may have spoken more words, had he not been interrupted by the very madness he has spoken of...

" No Unicron. It was my subliminal message to come here, that brought Galvatron to you. I am responsible for you're awakening. Restore me, and free me from the wretches of this mad mind. Free me from Galvatron !!! "

Starscream stands there, listening to all that is going on, and shakes in fear once more. The voice that comes out from Galvatron’s mouth.. it is familiar to him, and he is afraid. Galvatron covers his mouth, shocked and helpless, as he is no longer able to control the maddening voice in his head. Galvatron screams...

" You see Unicron? The madness... make it stop, take it away from me !!! "

" Yes Unicron.. Free me, for I never betrayed you. I remain you faithful servant..."

The two voices continue to bicker amongst themselves until Unicron finally understands. He ends it here and now with his voice.

" SILENCE !!!" I will hear no more. Galvatron... you still reek of the stink of the Matrix. It has washed over you, and with that, something very unique has occurred. Apparently, whatever had been done to you; the matrix sought to " cure" you of the damages you had received to your body. The matrix saw my reformatting as one of the damages. But it could only do so much. Now.. now I understand what has happened. I have also made my decision. Neither one of you three will go unpunished this day. You will all receive your reward..."

Starscream thinks to himself, confused... "All three" of them? But there is only two of them, isn't there? Soon, Unicron begins to envelop Galvatron in his energy. The reformatting has begun.. or has it? Galvatron screams.. no.. there are TWO screams? Then it happens. the " Madness is pulled from the very being of Galvatron. They, they fall to the floor, and all is quiet. Unicron speaks.

" It is done. Now, you will.. all three of you...continue in my service; Do not give me reason to change my mind and seek to destroy you instead. you will never betray me again. So swears Unicron. Arise my three servants, and swear your allegiance to me !!! "

Starscream Is in shock. Who does he fear more? Unicron, or the " Madness? " Starscream kneels and speaks.

" Starscream pledges his loyalty to you oh mighty Unicron..."

Galvatron is next. Looking over the "Madness" himself, he would just as likely blow it into oblivion with his cannon. His hatred of the " Madness" is great. But for now, he will bide his time. Galvatron speaks.

" Mighty Unicron. Your servant Galvatron...pledges his loyalty to you..."

Finally, the "Madness" rises up, and glances over to Galvatron and then Starscream. The "Madness" smirks, before responding to Unicron.

" Unicron. You have my gratitude once more. You have freed me of my prison, and I am in the oblivion no more...."

The "madness" stands before Galvatron defiant, peering into his eyes with anger, before speaking to Unicron once more.

" MEGATRON pledges his loyalty to you..."

Chapter 6: " Game of Deception "


Earth - Decepticon Hideout...

    Death Valley, California. It is a barren wasteland of heat and dirt. It is not a place that attracts many residents. Perhaps, that is why the location was chosen as the new Decepticon headquarters on Earth. Underground, the Decepticons gather as they ready themselves for the crowning of a new leader. Galvatron has gone missing and the Decepticons have held their traditional gladiator tournament to declare their new leader. It was a hard fought battle, but the victor was foreseen by all.
Menasor and Devastator would have likely won the tournament, had they not defeated each other with their vast power.
Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet held their own, but in the end fell to the champion.
Soundwave and the "Sweeps" had elected not to take place in the tournament, believing Galvatron would soon return.
Cyclonus, and Scourge were surprisingly missing from the tournament...

    The victor used his superior intellect in the contest as always, as he watched the two Decepticon "combiners" defeat the 3 "seekers". He then watched as they turned on each other. After enough damage to themselves, he entered the fray, and finished them off, taking the crown for himself. It is not a new position for him, as he has lead the Decepticons for quite some time already... millions of years to be exact. He is Shockwave, and he is the new Decepticon commander.

    They all gather at the newly constructed throne. The crown is presented, as Shockwave enters the room , and takes his place amongst his fellow Decepticons. Upon being seated upon the throne, and being crowned, he waits just briefly before addressing the warriors before him...

" Fellow Decepticons, it is my honor to once again lead you. Rest assured, our victory over the Autobots will come swiftly, and our conquest of Cybertron will come rapidly after. Once again, we will reign supreme, and no one will stand against us. This is our rightful place, and soon... I will take you there.. all of you. So says Shockwave !!! "

    The warriors cheer and celebrate the words of their new leader. The celebration would have continued, if not for the sudden opening of the blast doors behind them. As it rises up, Cyclonus and Scourge can be seen emerging from the doorway. Shockwave stands and addresses them...

" How dare you interrupt my ceremony? Have you accepted that the mad Galvatron has finally lost his mind, and he is not returning? Have you come to pledge your allegiance to me?"

    Scourge and Cyclonus say nothing. Instead, a shadowy figure emerges from behind them, and his familiar voice can be heard.

" Shockwave. You disappoint me... all of you have disappointed me. Have I been gone for so long that you have forgotten your place? Let me make an example here and now. Here Shockwave... let me remind you of your place !!! "

    A series of blast fire comes from the shadowy figure, and strikes Shockwave off of his pedal stool. The throne is destroyed, as his crown falls to the floor. Finally, the shadowy figure reveals himself, as he steps forward, stepping on the crown and smashing it beneath his foot. Raising his cannon over Shockwaves head, Galvatron Speaks...

" Hmmm... now where have I done this before? Shockwave, I should kill you now, but as it is, I actually need your intellect intact. Get up you pitiful fool. I've come to gather my new army."

    Galvatron lowers his cannon, as Scourge and Cyclonus appear at his side. Quickly, the Decepticon "Sweeps" walk over to their brethren, as Galvatron is reunited with his original army. Galvatron continues to explain his plans...

 "Unicron has been awakened, and we have formed a new alliance with him. There is a new mission to be accomplished. My army is to return to earth, and ready the planet for Unicron. The Energon there will be the source of his power, and the planet itself will become his new organic body ,should his new plan succeed. The key is Vector Sigma, at the core of Cybertron. The Key to Vector Sigma is known to hold the power to turn organic matter into metal. Once the key is taken, Unicron will be whole once more, and have his own sustaining power source in the Energon that earth so richly produces. Other than that, the Autobot matrix of leadership is also to be destroyed..."

    Galvatron looks over to Menasor and finally down at Shockwave before speaking.

" Menasor, are with me. together, with Scourge, Cyclonus, and the Sweeps, we should be more than able to accomplish our tasks on earth. "

    Thrust steps forward and speaks up first.

" But Galvatron... what about the rest of us? Who will carry out the plans on Cybertron? "

" ... Stay here Dirge. Someone else will come for you. My task remains on earth. My..."Brother" will carry out the plans on Cybertron..."

    Galvatron's Decepticon band readies themselves for departure. Soon, they are gone. As the Blast door shuts behind them, the remaining Decepticons are left to wonder about who is coming for them. They need not wait any longer, as the blast door opens once more. Starscream stands before them, before giving way to another familiar figure. Galvatron’s " brother " emerges to the surprise of the remaining Decepticons. Their leader is among them once more. He speaks.

" I take it my other half has already come and taken his band to earth? Very well. Soundwave, my loyal comrade. Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet, my loyal warriors. Devastator, my mighty weapon. Come with me to Cybertron. Together, along with a few Insecticons and the traitorous wretch Starscream here... we crush Prime and his Autobots before ripping the matrix from his chest. The key to Vector Sigma will be ours, and Unicron will reward us greatly for this task..."

    The Decepticons gather around their leader returned, and proclaim in one mighty voice...

" Our leader has returned to us... ALL HAIL MEGATRON !!! "