Transformers: Nemesis

Epilogue 1 : " Purpose "


  Space. It is vast and it is empty. In one lonely sector, where the sun has long since gone supernova, and nothing lives… visitors arrive. It starts with a crease through the very fabric of space and time. Then, as the hole gets larger, four beings stumble forth, as the portal closes behind them. They are known as the Four Horsemen of Nemesis, and they are alive and well. Legion is the first to speak.

“ Bastion… we owe you our lives. If not for your last minute teleport, surely Father would have crushed us with his mighty fist…”

    Bastion looks down at his own fist and speaks.

“ Father? What kind of Father would so quickly seek to destroy his own children? No, we no longer have a father. Not anymore…”

    Endgame speaks.

“ Blasphemy !!! Surely we can go back and plead our case to him, maybe seek his mercy and forgiveness for our failure…”

    Warfare interrupts.

“ No brother… Bastion is right. We will not be receiving any kind of mercies from Fath… I mean Nemesis. It is better that he think us destroyed. He must not know that we still live. “

    Bastion speaks,

“ Then it is agreed. We venture forth into this universe and create our own destiny… a destiny shaped by our own ambitions and desires. “

    Legion responds.

“ Oh? You speak of new purpose brother. Tell us, what does our ambition hold for us? What is it that we desire? “

    Bastion finishes…

“ Our desire? Is it not obvious? Vengeance. It is rightfully ours and we will take it. Nemesis will pay for his betrayal. But first? First we start at the bottom of the ladder. Maximus Prime? He will be the first to feel our wrath…”

Epilogue 2 : " Existence "


  Nemesis drifts alone in the cosmos. His body has fully healed from his last encounter with Primus and his children, the Cybertronians. His body is healed, but his mind is far from it. He thinks to himself. He used to think Primus was a fool for distributing so much of his power over so many of his creations. In the end, It was the children of Primus who defeated him, along with the sole child of Unicron. The power of both matrix’s combined was enough to stop even himself. He thought he was invincible. He thought Primus was too weak

He thought wrong.

    Nemesis allows a quick and chaotic thought to come across his mind. He allows even a chuckle of laughter to leave his mouth. He thinks to himself,

“ Hmph… O.k. then. Lets see how this plays out…”

    Nemesis looks up, and then closes his eyes. He makes a fist as an incredible blinding light emanated from within himself. Then, his chest opens, and it begins to transform. His arms fold in first, followed by his legs, as they seem to expand outwards, wrapping around his body. A series of more transformations, and Nemesis head disappears into his torso. Finally, as his body expands, it makes a few more transformations until Nemesis becomes more spherical. Then, all is quiet. Nemesis is no more. In his place, a great black Planet finds itself in new orbit.

    Inside the planets core, a voice can be heard; as it makes it’s final request…

“ Let there be life !!! “

    From a distance, the black planet seems empty. Then, there is a flash of golden light. Then another. Soon, the entire new planet is filled with hundreds of golden lights. On the surface, hundreds of new robotic life forms begin to find their way across the planet. They are new to existence. They have so many questions. Who will answer them? Who will lead the way for them? Finally, there one last flash of light.

Above the new robots in one part of the planet, a different creation hovers above them. He looks down upon them all and opens his chest. He reaches in and reveals his own black Matrix. He speaks.

“ Hear me my brethren. We all have questions, and there are not many answers. There is one thing I do know. We are a mighty race of powerful warriors, and our purpose is simple. Dominance. The universe does not know us, but it will. Let this mark the beginning of a new era. The beginning of The planet Dominus, and the Dominion that inhabits it !!! Follow my lead, and I will take us all towards our destiny…”

    One of the new members of the Dominion shouts out.

“ What do we call you !? “

“ Call me… Lord Empirus… “

Epilogue 3 : " Allspark "


  Sunstorm leads his fellow seekers across the surface of the moon. They finally come to a hidden bunker. Upon opening the hatch, Sunstorm speaks.

“ Inside. They’re all inside, waiting for you…”

    Jetfire walks in first as the injured Starscream is carried inside by Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet. Once inside, Sunstorm closes the hatch. Jetfire speaks.

“ It’s dark in here. Where are we? “

“ You are among… friends…”

    As Sunstorm finishes his sentence, he turns on the power and the lights come on. Jetfire and company find themselves in the midst of a dozen stasis tubes. Inside are many familiar faces. Jetfire notices one of the faces inside and speaks.

“ It can’t be… Prowl !!?? “

“ And here I thought you would be glad to see us to big guy…”

    Jetfire turns around and comes face to face with the impossible. Starscream looks up and speaks first.

“ Skywarp… Thundercracker ??!! Wha..How? You became Cyclonus and Scourge. I don’t understand… “

    Sunstorm speaks.

“ Ha !!! You mean to tell me you don’t know what Galvatron and his minions are by now? This gets better and better by the moment…”

    Suddenly, there is a chill in the air. From the corner of the room comes an eerie voice…

“ Sunstorm. Stop confusing them further. I’m sure our guests have many questions and you are not making this any easier on them. “

    The figure comes forth, wrapped in a large green cloak and hood. Only the red of his eyes can be seen. He speaks further.

“ Welcome guests. Welcome to the end of you’re prior existence, and the beginning of a new one. You are here pre-maturely, I’m sure no thanks to Sunstorm’s interference. Apparently you four are very popular around here, and some of you’re friends couldn’t wait to have you over for company. Nevertheless, I don’t discriminate. Normally death gains you entrance, but I’m sure arrangements can be made available…”

    Jetfire draws his blaster put is held back by Skywarp and Thundercracker. Sunstorm takes the blaster out of his hands. Sunstorm speaks.

“ Don’t fight it Jetfire… It is inevitable…”

    Jetfire looks up at the cloaked figure and speaks.

“ You have my friends in these stasis tubes. Tell me.. who are you !? “

    The cloaked figure walks forward, closer to the face of Jetfire, and answers him.

“ I am the weaver of souls, the spinner of Sparks. Call me, Soulreaper…”

                             TO BE CONTINUED IN:

TRANSFORMERS: Dominion !!!